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Our Guarantee

All of the couches manufactured by Unique Furniture Creations come with a 2 year guarantee on workmanship and a 5 year guarantee on the inner framing.

Our inner frames are all made from solid wood and padded with high-density foam. We do not use standard sponge foaming in any of our products. High-density foam is manufactured specifically for items that are going to be used excessively.

Our couches all keep their shape, even after many years of regular use because of this foam.

Leather Types

Unique Furniture Creations only uses good quality fabrics.

Suede Technically this is mock-suede, but we only use the best quality here. This is available in the widest range of colours and shades.
PU Leather

Also referred to as Bicast leather, Split leather, or Nappalite. This is of a much higher quality than Leather touch or Nuhide.

PU leather is easy to clean and maintain. It has a smooth texture to it and remains soft and luxurious over time. This also comes in a very large range of colours and shades.

Reconstituted Leather

Also referred to as Bonded leather or Euro leather. This is made from 80% to 100% leather fibres, often waste scraps from leather tanneries. They are all bonded together to form full sheets and then impressed with a grain from genuine leather. This is a textured grain fabric looks and feels almost identical to genuine leather and is one of our most popular fabrics.

To the untrained eye it is difficult to differentiate between this and genuine leather. Some manufacturers illegally sell this product as genuine leather to unsuspecting customers. Bonded leather is unfortunately only available in a limited amount of standard colours.

100% Genuine Leather

This is made from the hide of cattle. It is extremely strong and becomes rich in colour over time. We only use mature leather hides from South Africa’s top tanneries as we are against animal cruelty and underage culling. In the manufacturing process, the product is pressed and ironed to get an even surface.

The genuine leathers that we have, come in smooth, textured and heavily textured grains. As genuine leather is a natural product, a slight variety in colour and texture is sometimes evident when more than one skin are put together. This is available in most standard genuine leather colours and dyes.

Chenille This refers to a wide range of woven fabrics and cored yarn. Chenille is very similar to corduroy. This is available in a variety of patterns, colours and designs. The prices on these range from around R70 per metre to around R400 per metre.

We do not work with micro-suede or leather touch.

Micro Suede An economy fabric which tends to become smooth and lose it’s fibres over time.
Leather Touch The cheapest imitation leather. This tends to become hard and crack and also tears easily.

Our cheapest imitation fabrics are mock suede (commonly referred to as suede) and PU leather or Nappa leather.

We do a lot of work in Suede, Nappa leather, Bonded leather, Genuine leather and Chenille, however we have got an endless selection of fabrics and colours to choose from.

CMT Services

We offer a CMT (Cut, Make and Trim) price on most of our couches. This price will encompass all costs excluding the fabric – i.e.: framing, labour, cutting, stitching, foaming, legs, etc. This is offered for people who would prefer to supply their own fabrics, but still want a contemporary couch of the highest quality.